Why CBAM software mitigates risks

CBAM risks are real. CBAM could be a risk for your company. As an importer, you face the challenge of meeting the stringent requirements of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). Initially, it may seem feasible to gather and report the necessary information. Still, as the CBAM process progresses, it becomes increasingly complex, especially when collecting data from suppliers and sub-suppliers. The importers are exposed to the risks that CBAM brings as they are responsible for filling the correct data. However, the supplier could lose a client if the data is not provided accurately. Thankfully, CBAM software can help you to mitigate these risks.





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CBAM Risks: How will you prepare for an audit in four years?

CBAM software isn’t just a tool, it’s a shield that protects your business from potential trouble. Here are some reasons why CBAM software is your guardian:

1. Complexity of Data Collection: Initially, collecting and filling in data for CBAM reporting may seem like a daunting task. However, as the number of suppliers and sub-suppliers grows, it can become overwhelming. CBAM software offers a streamlined approach that puts you in control, preventing you from missing data or reporting inaccurately thus preventing CBAM risks.

2. Risk of Penalties: Incorrect completion of CBAM reporting can lead to fines and compliance issues. Importers are  responsible for the accuracy of the reported data, even if it comes from suppliers and sub-suppliers. CBAM software helps minimize these risks by ensuring accurate data collection and reporting.

3. Supplier Accountability: Dubrink CBAM software enables importers to store data provided by suppliers and sub-suppliers. Both supplier and importer can closely monitor whether the provided data is accurate through automated checks and reporting functionalities and take corrective actions if necessary. An essential solution to mitigate CBAM risks.

4. Efficiency and Time Savings: Manual data collection and reporting can be time-consuming and waste valuable resources. CBAM software automates this process, allowing you to save precious time and resources. Additionally, it streamlines workflow and minimizes the chance of human errors.

In summary, CBAM software is essential for your business to comply with CBAM requirements and to mitigate CBAM risks. and avoid fines and compliance issues. By simplifying data collection, and promoting efficiency, CBAM software offers a comprehensive solution for your CBAM reporting needs.

CBAM Compliance Platform

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Smart Compliance Reporting

“A unique, innovative data tool to prevent CBAM risks.”

Submit Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism  reports effortlessly with just one click, as suppliers are guided through the process within the system, minimizing errors and simplifying the overall procedure. Importers can invite suppliers and their sub-suppliers, aided by our platform, to submit their emissions, proof and calculations.

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Mitigate Importer Risks


Dubrink’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism  platform minimizes importer cbam risks by enforcing transparency, supplier accountability, comprehensive auditing, and rigorous validation. These measures ensure accurate emission data, reducing the potential for penalties and compliance issues.

CBAM proof suppliers calculation

Intuitive Data  Entry


Dubrink’s platform is designed to streamline workflow by automating data entry. It proactively fills in supplier information, saving you valuable time and minimizing errors. Say goodbye to tedious manual data input and hello to a smoother, more accurate process. Experience the future of compliance management with Dubrink!

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AI CBAM Consultant

“Dubrink’s platform shields us from risks.”

Leverage Dubrink’s AI consultant for Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism  inquiries. Our AI navigates complex legislation, providing swift and accurate answers, saving you time and consulting fees. Access Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism knowledge instantly. The perfect guide to prevent cbam risks.

CBAM proof suppliers STORAGE

Audit Archive Platform

“our backbone during inspections”

Even after suppliers and importers have moved on, our system preserves every detail for your historical records and audit readiness. With Dubrink’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Compliance Software, you can access critical insights and information whenever needed. Partner with Dubrink today, and experience the confidence that comes from knowing your data is in safe hands for the long haul.

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Easy Supplier Communication

“Using it is a breeze!”

Connect seamlessly with third-country suppliers using Dubrink’s compliance Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism  software. Access our global supplier database for easy identification and integration of non-EU suppliers’ CBAM data. Our platform empowers suppliers to input relevant CBAM data directly, while providing automated reminders and status dashboards for import and supplier monitoring.

Indirect Emission Calculator

Why we take your suppliers by the hand?

We mitigate CBAM risks. Incorrect data supplied by suppliers and used by importers can lead to severe consequences, such as penalties from the European Commission. It is recommended that the supplier provide evidence and calculations, which our platform validates. If there are any issues, we notify the importer and supplier promptly. Our proactive approach helps comply with regulations and avoid penalties, maintaining business integrity and financial stability. Our software is made in such a way that we ask them the right questions so they get the correct emission data.

Effortless Compliance Management

CBAM Expert Support

Our CBAM experts provide comprehensive support, ensuring thorough assistance.


An intuitive interface for easy navigation and seamless reporting.

CBAM AI Chatbot

Our AI powered Chatbot provides instant assistance and answers for efficient reporting.

One-click CBAM filing

Effortless CBAM report submission and streamlined compliance, ensuring simplicity and accuracy.

Process Automation

Efficient automation of data collection, validation and reporting to save time and resources.

Risk Mitigation

We secure precise reporting and reliable validated data to minimize CBAM risks.

Data Security

Robust security measures to protect sensitive CBAM data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Flexibility and Scalability

A flexible platform adaptable to specific needs and scalable to grow with the business.

Pay For Usage

Cost-efficient pay-for usage model, ensuring flexibility and affordability reflecting the usage of the platform.


"The Platform is brilliant as it allows us to connect with all our suppliers all over the world”

Dominik Mikula

"With Dubrink, suppliers seem to be pretty OK providing the data we ask them for." 

Sabina den Brinker

"The Dubrink platform saves us a tremendous amount of time calculating our emissions." 

Jaroslav Gorochovsky