Cut Costs with Dubrink’s CBAM Software

 CBAM Consultants are valuable. Our CBAM Platform is able to double such value. In the world of CBAM compliance, importers and suppliers often rely on consultants to guide them through the process. While this advice can be valuable, it also comes with significant costs. Fortunately, Dubrink’s CBAM software offers an alternative solution that helps importers save costs without compromising the quality of the advice. Allow our platform to request, validate, organize, calculate and submit your CBAM Emissions. Just like a CBAM Consultant!

The Intelligent CBAM Platform

 According to the CBAM regulations, importers are responsible and accountable for the data provided by their suppliers and sub-suppliers. Dubrink's CBAM Compliance Platform assists importers in enforcing, verifying, and automating the computation of emission data to mitigate the possibility of penalties.

Suppliers and sub-suppliers engage in emission calculations directly on the platform, with automated validation mechanisms to authenticate entered data. Instant notifications flag any discrepancies for prompt resolution. Both importers and suppliers track the progress of data reporting via interactive dashboards. Moreover, suppliers are prompted to furnish corroborative evidence, facilitating transparent reporting.

cbam compliance management software

CBAM Consultants versus CBAM Platform

One of the critical challenges of CBAM compliance is the need for CBAM Consultant advice to navigate complex regulations. CBAM raises a lot of questions! However, this advice can be expensive and pose a significant financial burden for businesses. That’s where Dubrink’s CBAM software stands out. It offers importers and suppliers access to high-quality guidance and support without the high costs of CBAM consultants. What sets our software apart is its unique features, such as data validation, the option to connect with sub-suppliers to receive the relevant data on CBAM precursors, and the guided support by our software and CBAM Chatbot, which make it a cost-effective and efficient solution for CBAM compliance. Even the factories that have a hard time digesting the regulations on CBAM suddenly know what to dour step-by-step function to submit and prove when they use o the relevant emission data.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Using our CBAM software instead of CBAM Consulting services allows importers to work more efficiently and save valuable time that would otherwise be spent coordinating and communicating with consultants. While expert advice can still be helpful in some cases, our software enables importers and suppliers to navigate the CBAM documentation process independently and effectively, saving costs in the long term. If an importer invites a supplier to fill in the data, the software helps the supplier understand what needs to be done and why. The supplier is automatically invited to provide calculations via a step-by-step wizard. In this way, the supplier can make educated decisions, filling in the correct data and supporting it with proof documents.  The Importer, on the other hand, can see the progress.  If the supplier does not fill in the data entirely or the data seems to be off, the importer receives a notification. Reminders and communication to the supplier and their sub-suppliers can be automated. The Dubrink CBAM Compliance Platform saves a lot of time and communication.

We have a cheaper way of CBAM consulting.

A lot of knowledge about CBAM is documented via the many websites the European Union offers on CBAM Reporting. We provide such documentation to our clients via our CBAM Chatbot which serves as your first in line CBAM Consultant. The CBAM Platform itself is your second CBAM Consultant and if you still have questions, you can always consult the inhouse CBAM Consultants of Dubrink.  Many questions of our clients can be asked to the chatbot with excellent results. However, the best asset we can give you is our CBAM software. With Dubrink’s CBAM software, importers can optimize their CBAM compliance processes and strengthen their competitive position. Our software is designed with usability and accessibility, allowing importers to confidently and efficiently meet CBAM compliance requirements without relying on expensive consultants. Does that mean you don’t have to work with consultants? No, however we see that consultants who work with Dubrink provide a higher level of service as all the manual calculations are now done by Dubrink’s CBAM platform, where the consultant can focus on what’s most important: Consulting you.

CBAM Compliance Platform

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Smart Compliance Reporting

“A unique, innovative data tool.”

Submit Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism  reports effortlessly with just one click, as suppliers are guided through the process within the system, minimizing errors and simplifying the overall procedure. Invite suppliers and their sub-suppliers, aided by our platform, to submit their emissions, proof and calculations.

Proof suppliers cbam reporting

Mitigate Importer Risks


Dubrink’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism  platform minimizes importer risks by enforcing transparency, supplier accountability, comprehensive auditing, and rigorous validation. These measures ensure accurate emission data, reducing the potential for penalties and compliance issues.

CBAM proof suppliers calculation

Intuitive Data  Entry


Dubrink’s platform is designed to streamline workflow by automating data entry. It proactively fills in supplier information, saving you valuable time and minimizing errors. Say goodbye to tedious manual data input and hello to a smoother, more accurate process. Experience the future of compliance management with Dubrink!

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AI CBAM Consultant

“Dubrink’s platform shields us from risks.”

Leverage Dubrink’s AI consultant for Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism  inquiries. Our AI navigates complex legislation, providing swift and accurate answers, saving you time and consulting fees. Access Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism knowledge instantly. The perfect guide for  importer, supplier and representative.

CBAM proof suppliers STORAGE

Audit Archive Platform

“our backbone during inspections”

Even after suppliers have moved on, our system preserves every detail for your historical records and audit readiness. With Dubrink’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism  Compliance Software, you can access critical insights and information whenever you need them. Partner with Dubrink today and experience the confidence that comes from knowing your data is in safe hands for the long haul.

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Easy Supplier Communication

“Using it is a breeze!”

Connect seamlessly with third-country suppliers using Dubrink’s compliance Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism  software. Access our global supplier database for easy identification and integration of non-EU suppliers’ CBAM data. Our platform empowers suppliers to input relevant CBAM data directly, while providing automated reminders and status dashboards for import and supplier monitoring.

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Why we take your suppliers by the hand?

Supplier mistakes can lead to serious consequences for importers, such as penalties from the European Commission. Suppliers must provide evidence and calculations, which our platform validates. If there are any issues, we notify the importer promptly to protect importers. Our proactive approach helps importers comply with regulations and avoid penalties, maintaining their business integrity and financial stability. Our software is made in such a way that we ask them the right questions so you get the correct emission data.

Effortless Compliance Management

CBAM Expert Support

Our CBAM experts provide comprehensive support, ensuring thorough assistance.


An intuitive interface for easy navigation and seamless reporting.

CBAM AI Chatbot

Our AI powered Chatbot provides instant assistance and answers for efficient reporting.

One-click CBAM filing

Effortless CBAM report submission and streamlined compliance, ensuring simplicity and accuracy.

Process Automation

Efficient automation of data collection, validation and reporting to save time and resources.

Risk Mitigation

We secure precise reporting and reliable validated data to minimize CBAM risks.

Data Security

Robust security measures to protect sensitive CBAM data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Flexibility and Scalability

A flexible platform adaptable to specific needs and scalable to grow with the business.

Pay For Usage

Cost-efficient pay-for usage model, ensuring flexibility and affordability reflecting the usage of the platform.


“The Platform is brilliant in connecting us with all our suppliers all over the world”

Dominik Mikula

“What we love is that the suppliers have no escape in supplying accurate data.” 

Sabina den Brinker

“The platform saves us a tremendous amount of complexity with regards to CBAM”

Jaroslav Gorochovsky